Three signs you’re with ‘The One’

How do you know if the person you’re dating really is ‘the one?’

There’s plenty of romantic advice out there, but what are the sure signs you’re with someone who can go the distance?

Max Blumberg, a psychologist and researcher at London’s Goldsmiths University, told the Mail Online about the surprising signs a relationship is built to last.

1: You argue the right way

There are those couples who claim they’ve never argued. And while that seems like a very hassle- free life, it can actually be unhealthy not to thrash it out every so often with your significant other.

“If there’s no conflict it could be a sign that the relationship is really sull – or that one of you might be walking all over the other,” explains Blumberg.

So what’s the answer?

According to Blumberg the secret to a lasting relationship is fighting the right way. And this involves trying to distance yourself from the emotional side of the argument.

“You need to wait at least three or four hours before your chemicals re-balance and that wild feeling subsides so you can discuss the matter calmly,” the psychologist explains.

So, rather than employing the motto of never going to sleep on an argument, it might be worth getting a little shut eye while you have time to reassess the situation.

2: You don’t have to have big plans

The honeymoon period is a wonderful time, full of weekends away, fancy dinners, and raucous parties. But what happens when that subsides and normality kicks in?

Couples who are really suited will be happy just chilling at home together, watching a Netflix marathon or getting jobs sorted around the home.

Blumberg explains that a “strong defining feature is that you can be quiet together – and do absolutely nothing.”

Couples that can be practical together during their downtime tend to be the ones that work.

3: You can talk about your inner thoughts

Do you touch base every so often to let each other know how things are going?

If so, you might be onto a winner. If you feel like you can tell your partner how you’re thinking and feeling, it means you have a receptive other half who wants to know about you and make sure there are no issues bubbling away.

Relationships are works in progress – and as such both parties need to be open to improvements to keep them ticking over.

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