How do men really feel about women proposing?

Does it matter these days who pops the question? Men share how they'd feel if their partner proposed.
Woman proposing

Woman proposing

We like to think the men around us are progressive creatures, but how do they really feel about the prospect of a woman proposing?

Traditionally the ‘man’s job,’ Reddit asked men on the network how they would feel if their partners popped the question – and the answers were mixed.

While some said they would actually prefer their partner to bite the bullet rather than drop constant hints, others said they would feel cheated out of their male right.

Here are ten of the top responses.

“My wife basically did. She said, ‘We should get married. I love you and I’m not going anywhere.’ I said ok and we started shopping for rings.”

“Mine did. Went pretty much like this:

Her: “We have a pretty good thing going, wouldn’t you say?”

Me: “Yup.”

Her: “Any reason we shouldn’t make it permanent and get married?”

Me (after a slight pause): “Not a one.”

Her: “Cool.”

We were married about 6 months later and next week we will celebrate our 36th anniversary. No regrets ever.”

“I would of course be very happy to be engaged but at the same time a little disappointed as I already have an idea in my head as to how I’d like to propose to my girlfriend.”

“My fiancé and I agreed on it at the kind of same time. But she surprised me in bed one night while I was sleeping and put it on my finger. I rolled back over and went to sleep heavy sleeper. The date was April fools and I’m pretty sure, some friends and family still don’t believe it. But Hell I’m happiest I’ve ever been in life.”

“I proposed in a hot air ballon, and then we travelled to a quaint little town where she proposed to me at a french cafe! It was awesome! It felt like we were both meeting as partners and equals whilst simultaneously saying, “I want you!”

“I felt lucky and happy and said yes. When we started dating she made it clear that she was not interested in a ‘Married’ relationship, i.e. she had already been married once, and was not interested in doing it again. But a few years later, out of the blue she casually said, “we should get married”. We did, and will be celebrating our 12th anniversary in a few weeks. We were both in our 30s by the way.”

“Relieved. My proposal plan is going to be expensive.”

“I wouldn’t care. Like if she proposes or I propose, cool. Makes no difference to me who asks.”

“It would be a nice change from the constant hint dropping.”

“Kinda shitty, honestly. I’m a very progressive individual, but proposing is something I’ve looked forward to all of my life.”

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