April Ieremia: ‘Marry me?’

Will you marry me? Four little words the desperately in love long to hear. Words that can create empires or sink ships.

Will you marry me?

Four little words the desperately in love long to hear. Words that can create empires or sink ships.

Traditionally, we have been fed the line* *’ it’s the mans job to propose’ for years, so we girls tend to sit back and wait for them. But how long do we wait?

Every four years comes the chance to have a go. A chance to step out from behind the shadows and ask the bloke you have been lusting over, the potential father of your unborn children and your soul mate to marry you.  If you can’t stand the suspense, do it yourself.

Female proposals still aren’t the norm or even to be expected, but then again what great marriage proposal ever is? During leap year, women have the chance to get the matrimonial show on the road with next to no humiliation.

What’s the point of being one of those typical traditionalists who waits for the man to toss the rock while wondering if you will still be able to walk down the aisle without a zimmer frame by the time he does?

Why not blurt out ‘Marry me!’ now then see what happens? Why not find the courage to do what he’s clearly petrified of doing (making a mistake) and lead the way? You never know, he may just toss the rock back at you after you have shown him the exact one you want.

On the other hand, if he says no, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Dented pride? So what! Will you really be any worse off than before?

I am a conservative and traditionalist at heart, the type that would wear white, marry in a church or walk down an aisle if the opportunity presented itself.  I have had two beautiful marriage proposals and married just one.

However this traditional chick has also popped a leap year proposal, and it went something like this:

Me: Hun?

Him: Yes dude?

Me: Marry Me?

Him: Love to

Me: Great, I had to put it out there.

Him: I know … its all good from my side.  You’re such a sweetie!  Can’t wait to see you …

Me: Hurry up

Him: I love you …

Mushy at the end, but clearly not the most orthodox proposal nor the most romantic one however it had its merits.  It was brief, to the point, spontaneous and modern … perfect for him.

Ridiculously, most chicks long for a three-ring circus when it comes to marriage and I am no exception (I am divorced now but my fun filled wedding is still the best one I have ever been to!).

We fantasize about meringue frocks and five layered cakes because we grew up believing Cinderella was real! However, blokes just ask that you keep things as uncomplicated and simple. My leap day proposal is as simple as it gets with no angst, no drama and no knockback.

Typically most of the ‘well planned’ leap day proposals happen on the actual day, 29 February, but in this day and age proposals are open season for the entire year.  His inclination to rest easy after leap day in February means he won’t be expecting any ‘lets get hitched’* requests *in September!

So for all you girls who missed the leap day train due to cowardice, you needn’t wait four years to give it another crack, you’ve got until new years eve to engage your man.

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