9 Mistakes every bride makes – and how to fix them

Planning a wedding can be a minefield. But these tips might help make the process easier.

Organising a wedding can be tough. There are so many things to think about and it’s easy to get lost in the pre-wedding madness.

Here are nine tips – some logical, others learned along the way – that can help the whole process be as fun and exciting as it should be.

1. Forgetting to budget. Or more precisely, forgetting to MAKE a budget. When you are planning a wedding – no matter how big or small – you quickly learn spreadsheets are your best friend. If you don’t set a limit on your spending, it’s easy to just keep whipping out that credit card. Keep a record of what you expect to spend and what you actually spend – and don’t forget to share it with your partner!

2. Not including your partner in the planning. Picking tablecloths and vases might not interest everyone, but you could be surprised with what your other half does care about. Keep them in the loop on all the big decisions – a Google doc or spreadsheet is a great place to keep everything for easy access.

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3. You underestimate DIY costs. Having a blank canvas venue might be your number one “must have”. But when you have to find EVERYTHING to go in it – from tables and chairs to decorations, speakers and glassware – it can add up in both time and money. Think about everything you need (and everything the venue doesn’t have) before locking anything in.

4. Not taking your photos before the ceremony. This one is controversial, but taking (most of) your bridal party photos before the wedding is an absolute must. Not only are you fresh from the clever hands of your hair and make up artist, but it means you have more time to spend with your guests after the ceremony. Just remember to get that “first look” reaction shot from your partner. Priceless.

5. Making cocktail hour an hour. Everything will feel rushed on your big day, that is just a fact. The pre-dinner mingling will be full of hugs and congratulations with friends and family – or if you need to, sneaking away completely to take your photos (see number 4). To avoid the extra time-squeeze, add 20 or 30 minutes to cocktail hour. If there is enough food and drink circulating, no one is going to mind!

6. Toasts. Alright, not all of them are a mistake, but we’ve all been to weddings where someone (usually the tipsy best man) grabs the mic and talks for far too long about the grooms performance on the high school cricket team 15 years ago. Keep the number of speakers to a minimum, and make sure everyone knows exactly how long they have. A good MC is particularly helpful here.

7. You don’t hire a caterer. No one should be cooking on their wedding day. Or their daughter’s wedding day, or their best friend’s wedding day. No matter how good your mother-in-law’s food is, don’t even think about opening the door to that extra stress – hire a professional. Food is what people remember from weddings, so spend your money wisely.

This bride had a strange request for her bridesmaid

8. You forget to feed everyone. Of course your guests won’t go hungry, but what about your photographer, wedding planner, and the band? They will expect to be fed, so remember to include them in your head count.

9. You feel obligated – to do anything. You have to wear white. You shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding. You should have a first dance, two bridesmaids and a three-tiered cake. Wrong. No one is going to care if you spend hundreds of dollars on favours for your guests or if you and your partner spend the night before the wedding watching season four of Mad Men together. Hopefully, all they care about is that you have a day to remember for all the right reasons.

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