Could 10-year relationship contracts replace marriage?

Some believe they’re ‘more realistic’ than committing to a partner for a lifetime.
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According to Statistics New Zealand, one in three marriages end in divorce. With that in mind, could a 10-year contract be a more realistic option for couples?

Some relationship experts say yes.

It’s all part of a growing trend of people signing decade-long marriage contracts. The couple lay out their relationship goals and financial terms should they split up and agree to stay together for 10 years. They then re-evaluate when the decade mark approaches.

Relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein told Daily Mail Australia: “I see people all the time that are clinging on to marriages because that’s easier or the idea of being on your own or divorced is scary. They don’t want to be seen to be failing, but they never stop to think ‘why isn’t it working for us?’.”

The paper spoke to Sydney bride, Casey Beros, who chose to omit ‘til death do us part from her marriage vows.

“My intention was to focus on making the relationship good now, rather than promising forever, crossing our fingers and throwing caution to the wind,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“It’s not to go against the sanctity of marriage, but honouring our right to make our own rules.”

Dr Goldstein added it is positive to allow couples to make their own rules when it comes to marriage, and suggested a contract could prevent divorce rather than encouraging break-ups.

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