With a dog like this who needs lifeguards! Watch this adorably protective dog pull a little girl from the sea

This dog clearly has a lovely, paternal nature.
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If you’re trying to convince someone to get a dog this video should get them across the line!

As reported in the Daily Mail, the footage shows an incredibly paternal and protective dog pulling his owner’s granddaughter out of the sea because he’s worried for her safety.

The footage was captured at a beach near Gouville-sur-Mer, France where Matyas the dog was playing in the water with his owner’s six-year-old granddaughter.

When a wave crashed over her you can see he is clearly perturbed.

Deciding it’s too dangerous for the little girl to stay in the water he gently grabs her by the shirt in his teeth and pulls her towards the safety of the beach.

With a pet like this, who needs lifeguards!

Matyas would probably do a better job of looking after children than some adults.

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