Five ways to read your cat like a furry book

Can’t seem to get the face-to-face time that you deserve? Improve your relationship with your cat using these five tips.

Living with a snobbish kitty is exquisite torture. Every day, staring obsessively at your fluffy darling, wondering what’s going on behind those eyes…

We’ve also prepared five tips to help you spot that positive feline body language so you can have sweet quality time with your beloved kitty – your poor confused human.

Look into my eyes.

Has your cat ever gazed at you and blinked slowly? No. Okay, but for cats, closing the eyes in the presence of another cat (or human) is a huge sign of trust. So next time your moggie blinks, jump in there and start blinking, and see if she shows you some love by blinking back.

I heard you the first time.

A picture says a thousand words. So do cat ears. One of the ways to know if pusskins is feeling happy is by checking his ear position: ears facing forward and turned slightly to the side means he’s probably feeling pretty relaxed. This is the moment to throw yourself at his mercy and beg for cuddles.

Pat me: I will purr or I will cut you.

You know how cats show you their tummies? It’s sooo cute. But it means one of two things, a) I trust you and I’d like to play, b) I’m going to slice you up. We can’t really help you with this one, just reach out your hand and see.

Chatty cat.

High-pitched squeaks, gurgles and, of course, purring. These are all indicators that the king of the house-jungle is feeling sociable, friendly or content. Makes a nice change from the silent treatment, doesn’t it?

High tail it.

If your cat’s tail is standing tall and upright, perhaps even with a wee curve at the tip, this is a good sign. It means your fluffy friend is actually keen to see you. So feed her…now!

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