This sweet dog’s habit of collecting her owner’s shoes will melt your heart

And she doesn't even chew them!

All dog owners know how heartbreaking it can be to leave your pooch at home while you’re out and about. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, most pups have mastered the guilt-inducing look of betrayal any time you have to leave their side. Thankfully, we know that giving them a little extra love just before you leave does actually help tide them over until you return home. The sweet dog in the photo above, however, requires a bit more to keep her calm when her favorite humans leave for the day: their shoes.

Luna is a mini-bull terrier who melted hearts across the web when her owner shared this photo of her on her Instagram page, @lunatheminibully. While plenty of dogs are drawn to their owner’s shoes when they’re left alone, you’ll notice Luna doesn’t chew them up — she’s simply content to have them surrounding her. Her owner told, “No matter if we’re gone for five minutes or an hour, she has always been drawn to our shoes to keep her company.”

He admits it did start as a habit for chewing the shoes when Luna was younger, but now her owner believes she just likes feeling close to the family when they’re away.

“We don’t really mind,” he added, “She can have ’em!”

Luna’s owner also shared with us that he and his wife adopted her shortly after getting married in 2015.

“She was just a pup and truly our fur baby from day one.” Of course, who wouldn’t fall in love with this precious girl’s face?

“Luna is a classic mini-bull terrier: equal parts lazy cuddler and giant comedian goofball,” her owner explained. “She keeps us laughing and is just as much a part of our family as our kids!” He went on to say that Luna is “so gentle and tolerant” with the couple’s children and seems happiest whenever the whole family is together. “We are so blessed to have her in our family!”

We can’t help but feel pretty blessed that the family shares photos like these of Luna with the rest of us, too.

You can follow Luna on Instagram for more delightful photos of her spending time with her favorite humans. That said, it might make you jealous that you can’t reach through the screen and give her plenty of love and pets yourself!

You can take comfort in knowing her family provides her with tons of affection for all of us — even with something as simple as a pair of their shoes when they’re not home.

Via Woman’s World

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