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The tech to keep your home safe over summer

If you’re away over summer, smart home tech helps keep your house, family and your pets secure.

As wonderful as it is to pack up and take off for the holidays, it's often accompanied with a touch of anxiety. Will everything be all right? Did I remember to lock the back door? And for those of us with elderly relatives staying behind, worrying about whether Mum or Dad is okay takes up a lot of energy.
The good news is that smart home technology offers real peace of mind, with products that let you monitor your home from wherever you are, with lights, locks and cameras that can be controlled with the touch of a button. Even devices like smoke alarms have gone next level – they can think, speak and alert your phone.
Meridian Energy wants to make smart technology accessible to New Zealand families for a future of smart, thoughtful homes that take care of the people inside them. That's why they've teamed up with innovative smart home company Nest.
"If you're not at home, Nest Protect will send an alert* to your smartphone via the Nest app"

Fire safety

Fires today burn faster than they did 30 years ago due to the types of materials used in modern buildings and furnishings. Fortunately, clever products like the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm actually look for fast-burning fires and poisonous (but odorless and invisible) carbon monoxide.
If smoke or fire is detected, Nest Protect speaks (in a calm voice) to let you know where the danger is. If you're not at home, it will send an alert to your smartphone* via the Nest app. And if it turns out that the teenagers you left at home have only burnt the toast, just silence the alarm from your phone.
Be notified. Has someone visited the property? Did the neighbour remember to feed the cat? It's easy to check using the Nest app.

Home security

Nest smart home tech lets you easily keep track of what's happening at home while you're on holiday. Was that parcel delivered? Is the fat tom cat from next door eating all the dog's biscuits? Now you can find out.
Nest indoor and outdoor security cameras work using Wi-Fi to give you video streaming, video recording and notifications in real time directly to your phone*.
That means you can easily check in on an elderly relative without disturbing them. They'll also have the peace of mind of knowing you're keeping an eye on things.
The best tech should be simple too. Nest indoor and outdoor cameras are easy to install – the freestanding units plug in to the mains power supply and are set up in minutes from your smartphone. They're also designed to look good – if you want them to be seen!
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Meridian has always been committed to generating only 100% renewable energy. Now it wants to help make your home smarter too. If you sign up to Meridian today, you'll get a free Nest Protect, worth $219†. If you're already a Meridian customer, you'll receive 20% discount‡ off Nest products in the Meridian online shop.
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