The 5 foods you shouldn’t store in the fridge

These might surprise you.

Did you know that a lot of the things we think need to be stored in the refrigerator are actually much better off being kept at room temperature?

For some foods, a cooler temperature actually ruins the flavour and can speed up the moulding process.

Here’s a list of the foods you should keep out of the cooler:


When you don’t use a full onion, it seems like a no-brainer to pop the leftover half in the fridge for later, right? Wrong. Not only does refrigerating onions leach them of their flavour, it can make them mushy and, unless you’ve wrapped it tightly in cling wrap, the smell can leach into other food. So unless you want onion-infused cheese, keep them in the pantry!


Cooling these delicious fruits may make them last a little bit longer, but it absolutely ruins both the flavour and texture. So remember, there is nothing more delicious than an organic New Zealand tomato left at room temperature.


This was a surprise for me as I have always put honey in the fridge, but it turns out that refrigeration speeds up the crystallisation process of the sugars. If you keep honey in your pantry, however, that jar will stay fresh for generations!


Another popular food people pop in the fridge is garlic, but this will actually make it go soft and grow mould faster than if you just keep it in the fruit bowl.


Obviously, once you’ve cut the melon open, it’s best to store it in cold temperatures, but while it still has its skin on, keeping your melon at room temperature will help preserve the antioxidant levels.

Tip: If your fridge has started to smell, put a plate of coffee grounds or baking soda in it for 24 hours to absorb the smell.

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