Shortland Street stars’ Christmas wishes

Discover what your favourite Shortland Street stars will get up to this Christmas!

Discover what your favourite Shortland Street stars’ Christmas wishes are! Pua Magasiva, Cameron Jones, Ria Vandervis, Lucy Elliot, and Sam Bunkall share their favourite silly season childhood memories, festive food, Christmas songs and more.


Pua Magasiva (plays Vinnie Kruse). What’s your favourite childhood Christmas memory?

Spewing from eating too much Mackintosh lollies!

What gift do you hope Santa brings this year?

A trampoline for my daughter.

What’s your favourite silly season song?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *NSYNC!

What’s your favourite festive dish?

Pig on a spit.

Ria-Vandervis in white

Ria Vandervis (plays Harper Whitley) What is your favourite childhood Christmas memory?

I remember being very young and holidaying on Waiheke Island with my whole family and exploring rock pools with my Nana very early in the mornings. It’s a lovely memory.

How will you celebrate Christmas?

Christmas in my family has always been fairly low key. Usually just immediate family and some friends, lots of food, board games and beach time if there’s one close!

What’s your favourite Xmas song?

Stevie Wonder’s What Christmas Means to Me.


Sam Bunkall (plays Boyd Rolleston). How do you celebrate Christmas?

I usually visit my extended family in Wellington. We’ll wear ridiculous Xmas-themed hats, eat lots of food, fight over who does the dishes and then go into a food coma in front of a family movie before it gets dark.

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

One Christmas when I was younger I received some rollerblades! Mum and dad tricked me by giving me a Bon Jovi CD and pretending that was what I was getting that year. At the time I was pretty happy with the CD, but apparently went a bit quiet when my cousins unwrapped their remote controlled car and I was just sitting there Livin’ On a Prayer. But then along came the rollerblades and I was super stoked!


Lucy Elliot (plays Dayna Jenkins). What’s your favourite Christmas song?

All I Want For Christmas is You, by Mariah Carrey. It reminds me of Love Actually – my favourite Christmas movie.

What’s your favourite Christmas childhood memory?

Getting Vanilla Ices from the ice truck in Christchurch and chasing ducks with my sister.

How are you celebrating the silly season?

With my family in Christchurch. We fly there every year!


Cameron Jones (plays Dallas Adams). What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Snoopy’s Christmas vs. The Red Baron.

What’s your favourite festive sweet treat?

Lead light windows, my grandma makes them.

What gift are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?

A mended heart from Bella! Jokes!

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