How Renee Wright is giving her family the gift of charity this Christmas

Renee wants to teach her kids about the joy of giving and to share the Christmas spirit with those less fortunate.

For TVNZ presenter Renee Wright, Christmas is all about presents – but not in the way that you might think!

The brunette beauty grew up with the tradition of donating her toys to charity and it’s an important lesson she’s passed on to her three children, Leo, seven, Gigi, five, and Arabella, two.

“As I kid, I would go to my bedroom and pick out one of my toys to give away and sometimes we’d give new ones too,” says Renee, 37. “Those are the memories from my childhood and it was such an important message.

“My children are so lucky and they need to understand just how fortunate they are. Not everyone gets that wonderful experience at Christmas, so when they can, they need to try to share a little bit of that magic with others.

“I would encourage everyone to donate a gift,” implores the star.

“Even if you think you don’t have much to give, you can make something, or write a card or a poem. It’s just that feeling that you’re making someone feel like they’ve been thought about.”

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