Last minute Halloween costumes that aren’t boring

Last minute party? Want to hide your face while you trick or treat alone? We have the easy Halloween costume ideas for you.

If you’re stuck for ideas, time and lollies, we got your back. Short of blowing $20 on a fancy mask, these are the easiest costumes you can get your hands on. We should know, we are throwing on sheets with holes cut in them as we write.

We also went to the trouble of making some masks for you to print out. Simply print out the politician or broadcaster of your choice and affix their face to cardboard backing. Cut them out, and add an ice block stick to hold the mask by and run out the door to whatever pressing engagement forced you to search “last minute costumes”.

Of course you could just terrify everyone by wearing a sandwich board that reads “being alone”, “the economy” or “global warming”, but you probably don’t want anyone to cry.

Scroll down for some more costume inspiration!

Ghost The classic last minute, high impact costume. Cut some holes in a sheet and get spooky.

Skeleton Got eyeliner? Then you get a costume. Circles round the eyes, triangle for the nose, lines on your mouth and that is it! This one is extra great because you can even apply it in the car when you’ve already arrived at the party.

Wednesday and Morticia Addams This one is almost too easy. Throw on your best black dress (with a collar if you’re Wednesday) and wear too much face powder. Bam.

Vampire Black coat, line of red lipstick dripping from your mouth. Simple and effective.

Witch Black dress and a $5 hat are all you need to scare your kids with this costume.

Jon Snow Throw a sheepskin over your shoulders and look very sad.


Extra points if you do this and you’re a mum.

Winston Peters

Bill English

Jacinda Ardern

Jason Gun

Mike Hosking

Toni Street


This works for the whole family. Striped shirts and either a stocking over your head, or a painted on mask.

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