How to make tassel and pompom wall deco

Gorgeously tactile, these wall hangings bring a bit of tassel style.
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What you’ll need

• Moda Vera Yana, 1 ball each of 3 colours

• Multi-coloured pompom loom

• Scissors, yarn needle

• Double-sided tape and craft glue

• Bamboo rod 50cm long


Make a selection of pompoms and tassels from each Yana colour (as pictured, right) in varying sizes, leaving two longer strands of yarn to tie to the rod. Attach a length of double-sided tape along the bamboo rod.

Tie the pompoms and tassels at varying heights, then wrap the bamboo rod with three strands of yarn, one of each colour, to hide the knots. Secure at the ends of the rod with a dab of glue. To hang the rod, make a twisted cord using one length of each colour.

How to make a tassel

Cut a piece of cardboard to the finished length of the tassel. Wrap the yarn around the centre of the cardboard until desired thickness is reached for the tassel. Carefully slide the wrapped yarn off one side of cardboard onto your fingers.

Using another piece of yarn, wrap it around near the top of the looped yarn to create the head of the tassel.

Pompom mobile

What you’ll need

• Pompom maker

• ‘4 seasons’ Marvel 12-ply, 1 ball each White, Cream, Bear, Moonstone and Navy

• 12.5cm galvanised ring

• Scissors


Step 1

Make 3 large pompoms for clouds mixing the White, Cream and Bear colours and trim, leaving 2 lengths of yarn to tie to the ring later. Make 5 smaller, denser pompoms using a mix of Moonstone and Navy, then trim to a waterdrop shape, leaving 2 lengths of yarn to tie to the ring.

Step 2

Arrange the clouds and tie closely to the ring, trimming the yarns. Add the waterdrops behind the clouds on the ring, tie on and trim.

Step 3

Make a twisted cord long enough to hang the mobile, then tie each end to the ring and trim

Pure wool pompom wall hanging

What you’ll need

• “4 Seasons” Pure Wool 8-ply yarn 50g ball, 10 colours: 1 ball each

• Multi-coloured pompom loom

• Kaisercraft round MDF placemat

• Crafters choice craft glue

• Scissors, yarn, needle


Make a selection of pompoms in differing sizes in mixed colours and in plain (as pictured) until there is sufficient to cover the placemat.

Apply a generous coat of glue to the placemat and arrange the pompoms, working from the outer edge to the middle, pressing each pompom down to ensure it is sufficiently secured. Allow to dry, then hang it on the wall!

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