How to hide your pregnancy over the holidays

It can be difficult to keep your news from prying family and friends - here's how to get round spilling the beans.
Pregnancy at Christmas

Pregnancy at Christmas

For many pregnant women this December, Christmas and New Year’s Eve will be one big cover-up.

That’s because for whatever reason, they want to keep their pregnancy under wraps. Be it too early on to share the news, or just not the right time, that means keeping schtum while you spend a large amount of time around family and friends. And of course – booze.

And with having to dodge soft cheeses, shellfish, wine and beer – nosy parker relatives are bound to pry as to the reason behind your abstinence.

So if you’re wracking your brain to find a way to keep your secret, take a look at these ideas.

1. Devise an illness

Most of the food and drink pregnant women need to avoid is also incredibly rich, and can upset a delicate stomach. You could invent an illness for the big day itself, to avoid having to partake in that festive tipple, seafood platter or soft cheese board. Whatever you do, get your story straight. Are you on antibiotics for a stomach bug? Or do you just have a delicate tum so you’re steering clear?

2. Disguise your drinks

It’s easier to avoid awkward questions about your drinking if your beverage of choice looks like alcohol. Bottles of non alcoholic beer or a soft drink in a wine glass can definitely get you a little way. Or put soda in a little tumbler with ice and a straw – who’s to know it isn’t a cocktail?

It can be difficult to get out of drinking over the festive season

3. Pretend you’re hungover

Yes, it’s not the most popular of choices, especially on Christmas Day itself. But to get out of drinking you could just say you went too hard the previous night, and so you’re having a day off the booze. Get your partner in on the act and you’re golden.

4. Be the driver

Resist the offers of rides or taxis, and insist that you’re sober driver for the day/evening where possible. This way, no one is going to push drink on you.

5. Give drinks to others

Chances are, your partner or someone else close to you is already privy to your news. With that in mind, get them to sneakily take alcohol you’re given or help you out if you get into any sticky situations.

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