Home decorating with neutral colours

Get back to basics with a calm and nature-inspired décor.
Home decorating with neutral colours

The possibilities are absolutely endless when you choose to decorate in the most neutral shades offered by nature. By bringing in interesting colors, textures and accessories your décor will quickly advance from sensational to sublime – all without you becoming permanently indebted to your bank manager. In these austere times, what’s not to like about that? Read on for uplifting inspiration.

Room with a view

Simple, monochromatic shades, tones and materials can often be an ideal choice when the view outside is especially spectacular. They frame the scene and integrate it with your home, rather than competing for attention.

Bathroom bliss

Here the owners of this house have used marvelous mocha paint for their bathroom, adding accents of dried ¬ owners and grass for a homespun effect that simply sings of serenity.

Simple yet stylish

The rich golden glow of wheat-colored walls enhance the already simple, tranquil atmosphere of this living area. The owners have resisted adding too many accents and embellishments – instead they’ve let the polished ¬ floor add another layer of elegance, while the fireplace is an effective focal point.

Basket case

Rustic materials such as wicker can add a sense of warmth to your home. Pretty baskets are almost a dime a dozen if you shop in the right places. You’ll often find them at bargain prices at flea markets and charity stores.

New from old

Bazaar bounty such as weathered antique furniture can be re-purposed and given a whole new lease of life in a neutral environment. Improvisation is fun: a sideboard can be converted into a bathroom unit complete with a basin, a wooden box used to hold books and a table made from time-honoured planks of wood. The possibilities are endless.

Dainty damsels

Delicate orchid flowers are much loved by those who favour a simple neutral style, while the bounty of the sea and land also sit well within such schemes. Indoor plants add a welcome touch of nature, as do leaves and fruit.

Cosy kitchen

As the hub of the home, a relaxed neutral kitchen is both inviting and welcoming.

Bedroom beauty

Styles based on nature can be perfect for the most peaceful room in the house, the bedroom. Look for sisal or raf¬fia matting and add distressed paint ¬finishes. Add light yet luxurious linen and candles for a flattering, romantic atmosphere.

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