Home decorating with metallics

Look on the bright side and try these sterling metallics in your home.
Home decorating with metallics

Bringing glamorous metallic accents into your décor is easy but you do need to keep a sense of balance. If you cover every wall and surface with bright, shiny things your home will start feeling a bit like a disco, so aim for moderation and everything will look fine. If you’re going all out and opting for silver walls there are several things to note before beginning. Metallic paints are expensive and you may need to apply more than two coats, so bear that in mind when setting your project budget.

**Mirror, mirror

**Mirrors are an essential accessory for creating stunning metallic decorating schemes. They open up small spaces and enhance the effect of your lighting – both natural and artificial. If you can only afford a cheap chain-store mirror, choose one with a wide wooden frame and glue strips cut from paper doilies on it before applying your silver paint. You’ll be amazed at how good it looks.

**Light a candle

**Don’t forget the candles. Their flickering lights will reflect in the mirror and in all the lovely silver accessories around them, adding a magical atmosphere to your home.

**Heavy metal

**Metallic paint will show every little imperfection on your wall so good preparation is essential. The best way to avoid problems is to spray the paint on rather than brush or roller it, as they are techniques that can make the brush strokes seem obvious. If you don’t have a paint sprayer prepare the surface as a well as possible and use a good quality roller, taking care not leave stripes as you paint.

**Good as new

**Garage sales and charity shops can be a great source of silverware and it’s still possible to find old, tarnished pieces for next to nothing. If, like me, your childhood chores included polishing the silver, you’ll remember how quickly a dull, dark item comes alive with a bit of a polish. Group all these items together for maximum effect – but remember to clean them regularly.

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