Creating a home compost

Compost trenches are an easy way to use green kitchen waste and feed your soil.

Some people find it difficult to compost because they don’t like the smell or they can’t get the mix of brown and green matter right as it all gets a bit slimy. Trench composting is a wonderfully easy way to recycle vegetable matter and if you do it now it’s a great way to prepare your garden beds for spring planting.

Collect a week’s worth of scraps in a bucket (or two if you are good and eat lots of veges and fruit!) Dig a trench 30cm deep then fill it with 15cm of waste along the trench.

You can also add plant trimmings, lawn clippings and weeds if you like. If you want you can add some manure such as sheep droppings or similar to speed up decomposition and make the trench even more nutritious for your plants.

Cover it with dirt and leave it. Come spring it should have all decomposed and be ready to welcome your spring seedlings.

You can also do this on a smaller scale by simply digging a hole 30cm deep, popping in some vegetable matter and covering it up.

You don’t need a fancy bin to make compost from your vege scraps

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