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Craft - Creative Christmas wrap

Put a unique and creative spin on plain wrapping paper.

By Sally Ridge
1) It’s easy – and cheap – to create this spotty paper. Use a pencil with an eraser attached as a stamp. Dip the end of the eraser in white paint and space your dots at the distance of your choice.Finish with traditional twine and a sprig of rosemary.
2) Give yourself a gold star in decorating! A pack of 150 stars (from Warehouse Stationery, $5.45) will make presents stand out. Tie up with classic string and you’re all set.
3) Twist a sprig of rosemary from your garden to form a mini wreath. Secure the ends with twine and you have a gorgeous looking (and smelling) parcel for your loved one.
4) Add a personal touch with hand-stamped messages (Christmas stamps and coloured inkpads from stampinup.co.nz). Finish with a decorative doily (pack of 25 from Typo, $7.95) and a festive mini candy cane.

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