19 things our team’s been saying about Christmas

“Nothing says Christmas like a pair of socks!”
  1. “I forgot my secret Santa.”

  2. “Oh no! There are only two pay days left.”

  3. “Santa always gets the credit.”

  4. “Nothing says Christmas like a pair of socks.”

  5. “How many days off do we get?”

  6. “Is that countin the stats?”

  7. “At least the good bubbles are on special.”

  8. “I’m thinking of carving a turkey out of tofu.”

  9. “How to survive Christmas? Drink! There are no other ways.”

  10. “Everyone is getting slightly deformed scented candles again this year.”

  11. “I wish they’d play Fairytale of New York more to get us in the spirit.”

  12. “‘I actually really love the lead-up to Christmas’ said no working woman ever.”

  13. “I want to make a movie called The Nightmare That Is Christmas.”

  14. “I love spending Christmas with my family. Via Skype.”

  15. “Do you think Santa’s elves are on zero-hour contracts?”

  16. “Our Christmas always goes smoothly because we’re a family of happy drunks.”

  17. “I’m never doing Christmas at my house again.”

  18. “You know, soon this will all be a distant memory and we’ll be saying, ‘Aww, wasn’t Christmas lovely?’”

  19. “When will they stop thrashing Fairytale of New York?”

Photo by iStock Images

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