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We Love: December

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We Love

Amazing grace

Fashionistas, have we got news for you! If you saw the movie The September Issue, about life behind the scenes at American Vogue, then like us you’ll no doubt have fallen in love with Grace Coddington. The unassuming and uber-talented Vogue creative director wrote a memoir following the success of the film – and now it’s to be made into a movie. No one has yet been cast to play Coddington, but we’re kind of picturing a wild-haired Julianne Moore in the role. Watch this space.

Personal Sherpa

Ever had a day where you’d give anything for a personal assistant to run your errands? Enter Urban Sherpa, an on-demand delivery service that’s a bit like a courier, but not really. Unlike a courier, it charges a flat $12 for a one-hour service plus – and this is the bit that really sold us – the ‘sherpas’ themselves carry company credit cards so they can purchase your latest whim for you, then charge your Sherpa account. So those fabulous heels you checked out yesterday in the mall, the ones you wish you’d snapped up? Say the word and they’ll be magicked to your door/desk before you can say Carrie Bradshaw. What will they Sherpa for you? Anything and everything. Unless it’s illegal. And no, they won’t pick up your kids from school. Get a nanny.

Track down fashion loves

And speaking of indulging your caprices, what if the item you wish you had bought wasn’t something you spotted at the weekend… but five seasons ago? Well now The One That Got Away can track down your long-lost fashion loves – designer or high street. A Marc Jacobs bag from 2013? Sorted. A Zara coat you saw on holiday last year? They’re on it. So how do they do it? You simply fill in the online ‘wish form’ and they post your lusted-after piece on the site’s community board. Chances are someone will have the very item languishing in their own closet. For more, sashay along to

Mew technology

There is a new game app called Cat Squash Bug. For cats. No, seriously. Your feline can simply watch the creepy-crawlies scuttle around the screen, or try to flatten one. You could even sit side by side, you at your computer, your cat on his iPad/iPhone playing quietly. But what’s the betting a stroll across your keyboard is still the most appealing option for kitty. $2.60 from the App Store.

Signs of the times

If activism is right up your street, you’ll love this as much as we do. A group of French feminists, on learning only 2.6% of Paris roads are named after women, went round covering up existing signs with their own version of the iconic blue plaques. Women from Osez le Féminisme! (‘dare to be feminist’) targeted the area near Notre Dame, or ‘Our Lady’, for their stunt. They named streets after, among others, Nina Simone – the American singer who lived her final years in Paris – sailor Florence Arthaud and revolutionary lawyer Jeanne Chauvin. Perhaps next they could turn the feted Place de l’Opera into Place de l’Oprah? Just a thought…

Musical Must-do

Oh Womad, where would we be without you. The New Plymouth-based annual celebration of world music, art and dance has just announced its stunning 2016 lineup. Why do we love Womad? Not only does it bring together some ultra-cool acts but it’s also an event where we can comfortably get our groove on, regardless of age, without feeling we’re mutton partying like lamb. This year’s star-studded cast includes the fabulous tex-mex/rock band Calexico, 47SOUL (the new wave of Arabic street music), LadySmith Black Mambazo (South Africa), Tulegur (China) plus our very own Julia Deans, Bic Runga and more. For tickets and accommodation options, visit

Crowd Funding for a cause

Kickstarter is a global community that usually leverages its fundraising power to support creative endeavour – be it film, music, design, art or other projects. But in a brilliant piece of versatility, Kickstarter has paired up with the UN Refugee Agency to help the millions of refugees pouring out of Syria. With 27669 backers, the appeal has raised more than $2.5 million. Now that’s what we call creativity. If you missed the Kickstarter but want to do something for the refugees, visit or

Words by: Maria Hoyle

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