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How to make the perfect cheese platter

Our friends at Food to Love have given us the perfect tips on how to create the platter of your dreams.
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In our opinion, there’s nothing better than an evening spent with friends, sipping wine and picking at a platter.

But balance in the platter game is key. No one wants seven blocks of cheese with no chutney.

Luckily, our friends at Food to Love have sorted the tips you need to create the perfect cheese platter for every occasion. We’re putting ours together tonight!

Be selective

There are four main categories cheese falls into.

  • Soft (like brie or camembert)

  • Fresh (ricotta)

  • Blue (stilton, gorgonzola)

  • Hard (cheddar, gouda)

FTL recommend picking a soft, hard and a blue for a harmonious cheese platter. And quality is important. If you have the choice of six average cheese and three artisan ones, always do the latter – the platter will be more enjoyable.


No cheese platter is complete without added extras.

Choose on crackers, oat biscuits or rice crackers, and make sure you have plenty in stock.

Fruit adds a welcome burst of freshness to a platter and helps with rich cheeses. Add fresh celery, grapes, sliced apple and cherry tomatoes.

Don’t forget the spreads either. Quince paste is a well-loved platter fave, but we love a flavoured homous too.

Our resident Mediterranean platter queen also swears on healthy additions of nuts, deli meats and even dark chocolate to keep things interesting.


Cheese is best served at room temperature, so if you know you’re having guests, bring them out of the fridge an hour before.

Get your serving dish ready and watch our video above for arrangement ideas!

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