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Celebrities who love cooking with their kids

And their tips for getting the job done.

When they’re not being served Michelin-star meals at the Oscars or enjoying catering on set, celebrities need to cook.

Whether they’re professional chefs themselves or slightly (ahem) challenged when it comes to kitchen creations, many of our favourite stars seek assistance from their little ones in order to get the job done.

From comedian Hamish Blake to Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, here are six celebs who love cooking with their kids. Warning: cute alert.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, who is known for her masterful kitchen creations, has already found a sous chef in two-year-old daughter Luna. Having just given birth to her second child with singer John Legend – a boy named Miles – she says she has learned to be much faster in the kitchen since becoming a mother.

In lead-up to the launch of her second cookbook, Chrissy reflected on her first release ‘Cravings’ saying, “I did find ways to be quicker because with having babies now, I look back and I’m like ‘I can’t believe I made people make their own tortilla chips.”

Chris Hemsworth

Elsa Pataky shared this beautiful snap of husband Chris Hemsworth and daughter India Rose making a midnight snack together following a movie premiere. Is there anything this dad can’t do?

Curtis Stone

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is a big believer in getting kids involved in cooking from an early age.

“Parents need to get really involved in the kitchen with their kids. When they’re little, sit them up on the kitchen bench. There’s nothing wrong with that,” the chef says. “Once they are confident, they will ask to cook with you and, before you know it, they’ll be cooking on their own.”

Jamie Oliver

Having worked in kitchens from a young age Jamie Oliver knows the importance of getting children involved in the cooking process. His top tips? Find the time, the right recipe and the patience.

“The more you cook with kids, the faster they will be,” he says. “Be patient as they carefully chop their first onion or mince the garlic at an agonisingly slow rate, and resist the urge to “do it for them” just because it’s faster — they’ll never learn if you don’t let them try on their own.”

Hamish Blake

Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake take their family culinary training a step further, getting their adorable three-year-old Sonny to help his grandma forage for lettuce out in the garden — and it seems Sonny has really taken to his role as a taste tester! Too cute.

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