What’s the worst body language mistake you can make?

And are you making it?

As we’re all aware, the way we hold ourselves can have a big impact on how people feel about us.

From hunching to crossing our arms, small cues can tell people whether we’re nervous, uptight, self-conscious or confident.

But according to the experts, there is one main error that people make when it comes to body language – that can make others distrust or dislike you.

Dr Lillian Glass, a communications and body language expert, said that bad eye contact is to blame for people thinking poorly of you.

Eye contact is key to making someone trust you

A total lack of eye contact tells the person you’re speaking to that you’re not confident, dishonest or not interested in what they’re saying.

But on the other hand, staring too intently into someone’s eyes can make the other person feel uncomfortable.

The solution? Dr Glass recommends varying your stare to get the right effect. Try moving your gaze from the person’s forehead, to their eyes, to their nose and mouth to soften your gaze..

“Doing this softens your gaze and makes you more approachable,” she says.

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