Psychic says everybody has the ability to see into the future

But what might you see?
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Psychic and spiritual healer Kimberly Stewart believes we all have the ability to see into the future.

In an interview with Now To Love the Auckland mother of one, who offers psychic readings and spiritual healings through her blog The Channelling, says, “My ability definitely came down a genetic line so it’s been inherited but I do think everyone has the ability to do this.

“If you think about things such as gut feelings you have about situations – or the phone rings and you know who it’s going to be before you pick up, those little things can really lead on to psychic development.”

Stewart realised at 14 that she had the ability to see into the future.

In this video she talks about how she discovered her ability, through which senses she receives information and how she works on her psychic abilities to develop them further – which is something you can do too.

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