John Campbell as you’ve never seen him before

Shining a light on the pressing issues in life like 'if you were a tree what would you be?'
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When you say the name John Campbell you think current affairs, social issue investigations, impassioned crusader for the underdog.

But the award-winning Kiwi broadcaster also has a silly side, which he’s not afraid to show when the moment is right.

When we turned up at John’s Australian Women’s Weekly photo shoot to do a quickfire question round video with him he was enthusiastically all for it.

“So it’s questions like ‘if you were a tree what would you be?'” he asked. Well, no but now you mention it – what would you be?

And he’d obviously thought about this before because he had a good answer.

In this video we explore the sillier side of life with one of New Zealand’s greatest broadcasters.

Here he is, folks, John Campbell as you’ve never seen him before. We could have sat there all day and fired random questions at him!

In the latest issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly John talks in depth to Judy Bailey about his passion for “journalism that matters” and his desire to crusade for the underdog; he shares his deep sadness over the 2015 axing of Campbell Live and why it was so important for him to keep working. And we learn that behind the gregarious persona on television is a very shy and private family man. Pick up your copy today.

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