Georgia Fowler talks hosting Project Runway and her biggest career highlights and challenges to date

The stunning Victoria's Secret model walks us through her new role.

After modelling for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Yeezy and Balmain, Kiwi catwalk star Georgia Fowler sure has the experience to host Project Runway New Zealand.

The Brunette beauty has been jetting around the globe for work, but we managed to grab five minutes with her while she was on a brief trip home to film the new reality series.

Who was the first person you told about your new role?

Mum’s always the first person I talk to about anything. She travelled the world with me when I first started modelling, so she’s quite invested in my career and is always my biggest cheerleader.

Have you ever made any clothes yourself?

I can’t sew – I wish I could! Imagine just being able to whip yourself up a little outfit.

Were you a fan of the original US series?

I loved it! I used to watch it a lot. When I found out I had the role, I was like “OK, I’ve done my homework,” and whizzed through a bunch of seasons. It’s a great show and I’m so excited it’s coming to New Zealand.

What has your career highlight been so far?

My biggest accomplishment as a model would be doing French and Italian Vogue, and being on the cover of countless issues of Harper’s Bazaar. Then walking in the Victoria’s Secret show, as well as walking for Balmain and Chanel. It’s a pretty awesome job – I’ve ticked off some amazing things!

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

There’s good and bad to every job, but I was away by myself from a very young age and had to deal with adult problems, like how I was going to pay the rent.

I’m constantly travelling all over the place by myself and have to face a lot of criticism. It can be tough, but I’ve grown a pretty thick skin. I’ve learnt to listen to the people who matter and block out anything else. That’s how I try to go about my life now.

Did you ever want to throw in the towel?

I had a boyfriend back home and we did long-distance for a while. Often I was like, “I just want to be back home!” But I have that inner drive and ambition that makes me want to keep going.

There were definitely setbacks – you get so many nos and you wonder why you’re doing it. Then you come back and all your friends are happy, living quite simply, going to the beach or the movies at the weekend. But after a few weeks at home, I always get itchy feet to go back overseas!

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