Expert QA

Soothing sensitive skin

I think I’ve got sensitive skin as I seem to get allergic reactions when I use cleansers and moisturisers. Any tips?


If you have sensitive skin – usually thin and fine-textured – it reacts quickly to both heat and cold, which means it is prone to dryness and sunburn. You’ll need to start being a good label-reader of beauty products. The key word is “hypoallergenic”. Although while this means it has undergone some level of skin-testing, there’s no guarantee you will not be allergic to the cream.

Make sure products are free from perfume, colours and other possible allergens. Use a light cleansing milk that can be removed with cotton wool, as water can irritate your skin. Protect your skin from further damage by ensuring your wear a sunscreen every day. Make sure it’s got an SPF of 30 and is designed for sensitive skin.

Finally if you’re booking in for a facial be sure to let your therapist know that you have sensitive skin.

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