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Move that mould

Hi Wendyl,As usual after a damp Auckland winter, my bathroom ceiling is covered in mould. I normally get up there with anti-mould spray or bleach but I understand these are quite toxic. Do you have any natural alternatives? Diana, email


Dear Diana, Right back at you with that problem! About this time of the year, my nose goes into overdrive and I can smell damp and mould everywhere. Here is a recipe that’s not so much for removing the mould – for that I simply recommend you wipe it away with a spray of one litre of water with a teaspoon of baking soda added to it. Let it dry, then spray this little beauty around. Your bathroom will not only smell amazing but the tea tree and lavender will prevent the spores growing again. It’s also a great little disinfectant. 2 cups water 25 drops tea tree oil 25 drops lavender oil Combine and put in a spray bottle.

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