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Oven cleaning hack will save you time and effort

Hate cleaning your oven? This is the life hack for you.
Oven clean

How to clean your oven

Oven cleaning is one of the most loathed tasks in the cleaning calendar. Hence why we, (and many others) usually leave it months before giving the thing a good scrub.

But thanks to an awesome cleaning hack shared by Cleverly, our eyes have been opened to new and improved methods of cleaning.

Prepare to be suitably amazed.

Simple oven cleaning method

Add water to a bowl of baking soda so that it forms a milky solution. On top of this add a few glugs of vinegar.

Taking a sponge or cloth, douse it in the liquid and apply to the oven, making sure the surfaces are covered where they are crusty.

Take the leftover mixture and place this in the oven, then set the temperature at 100C for 45 minutes.

Once done, let it cool for a while and then (carefully) wipe away the caked on grease and scum from the oven with ease. You should find that the once concrete hard scum now wipes away super easily.

Et voila! A sparklingly clean oven with minimal effort.

Watch the full video at Cleverly.

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