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5 iPhone apps for getting organised in 2016

Endeavoured to get organised in 2016 but never quite got round to it? These iPhone apps can help. We promise.
iPhone app

iPhone app


If like us you can never remember which password is for what – this is the app for you. It’s secure, and will prevent your regular stress out as you try to remember your PayPal/email/Facebook login.


If there’s one app you download for organisation – let it be this one. You can take notes, create to do lists, and save articles you find online. You can also sync this info to several different devices, so wherever you are you’ll have what you need to stay on task. You can also share with friends and family to ‘assign’ tasks (yep, get ready to be everyone’s favourite person).

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This is a complex app that’s not for the technophobes amongst us. However, if you get your head round all the different functions, this clever download can do everything from get you to your next calendar appointment via taxi, create GIFs, share your documents or location, and play your top songs in your playlist. It really does have an incredible number of uses, though one criticism might be it’s a little too involved for some users.

Get organised with these clever iPhone apps


A free iPhone app that works as a virtual personal assistant, this app links to thinks like your email, calendar and facebook and then looks for things that you need to get done. It might add the contact details of someone who has recently emailed you to your address book, or remind you about that upcoming birthday.


A free personal finance app, Wally will help you keep track of your expenses easily. You can either do this manually – or by uploading a snap of receipts, and it will input the details for you. You’ll get notifications when bills are due, and you can set savings goals too. Better yet, Wally is free!

All apps available on itunes app store.

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