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Ultimate wardrobe hacks you need in your life

Want to make the most out of your wardrobe space or need a storage solution? You need these clever hacks in your life.
Wardrobe hacks you need in your life

How to organise your wardrobe

Create double hangers

As nice as it’d be to have closets the size of SATC’s Carrie, for the majority of us this just isn’t realistic. Create space where there is little by ‘double hanging.’ Simply save the tops of soda cans – loop them over the hanger and hang another one off it. Also great for outfit planning ahead of an important event! Via

Install a magnetic rail

A magnetic rail inside the wardrobe door is the perfect place to store hair pins, scissors or tweezers that always go walkabout (especially if you don’t want these on display). Get hold of one of these in a hardware or stationery store. Via

Stack clothes vertically in drawers

Turns out we’ve ben stacking clothes wrong our entire lives! Stack them vertically so you can see everything as soon as you open the drawer – genius! Via

Soda tabs are a great way to create a double hanger (Via Pinterest)

Use wine boxes to store shoes

Buy wine by the box load? Save those useful separated boxes and use them to store shoes neatly inside your wardrobe. Perfect.

Wire baskets on the back of doors

Attach shallow wire baskets on the inside of wardrobe doors to store random items like purses, scarves of belts. Utilise all the space you have.

Use a utensil drawer to sort jewellery and watches

Failing an old fashioned jewellery box – keep your accessories neatly ordered with a utensil drawer.

A magnetic rail is a great way to keep small items from getting lost (Via Pinterest)

Use letter holders to store your jandals

Old file or letter holders are a perfect place to tuck away your jandals for winter.Via

Pack away clothes that are out of season

Create more space for yourself by investing in a box or trunk, where you can throw all your out of season clothes. Bid goodbye to those sheer summer dresses when the weather turns and you’ll have more room for cosy knits, long sleeved dresses and pants.

An ingenious way to store jandals for winter (Via Pinterest)

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