‘I haven’t been happy for a while’: Naz Khanjani opens up about her struggles with mental health

The former Bachelorette and fitness enthusiast has taken to Instagram to reveal her struggles with anxiety, stress and depression.
naz khanjani

Former Dancing With The Stars contestant and Bachelorette Naz Khanjani has opened up about her struggles with anxiety, stress and depression in her latest Instagram post, revealing she hasn’t “been happy for a while”.

In the heartbreakingly frank post to her more than 100 thousand followers, Naz revealed that her weight has dropped to an alarming 48kg, the impact of which “has really taken its toll” on her.

“Anxiety, stress and depression are never nice but it’s a part of life, we all go through them at different stages in our lives, some more than others.”

“I’m not here to ask for sympathy or to be negative, I’m posting this to show you all that I’m going through a s**t time and I haven’t been happy for a while,” the fitness enthusiastic writes.

“I keep it real and I refuse to fake it on social media. If you are going through a rough time, you are not alone. I am here with you and we will get through it together.

“This is a phase and time will heal all your pain. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with family and good genuine friends as it makes all the difference…

“It’s definitely helping me to get through things a tad easier,” she adds.

“Sending you all love. Remember your happiness comes first, be kind to yourself.”


The frank post comes just weeks after breaking up with her now ex-boyfriend Nicholas Marriot.

The couple debuted their relationship in August last year, with Naz not shy about her professing her adoration for her new beau, posting a string of loved-up photos as posts, which have since been deleted from her Instagram account.

Naz first appeared on New Zealand’s small screens as one of the more controversial participants on The Bachelor New Zealand in 2016.

Last year, determined to prove she was not the villain people thought her to be, she joined Dancing With The Stars, partnered with dancer Tim Mullayanov.

Naz competing in Dancing With The Stars with her dance partner Tim Mullayanov. (Image: Supplied)

“For the first time ever, people are actually being nice to me on social media,” she told Woman’s Day at the time.

“I was determined to prove to people I’m not a villain and this show was so different to The Bachelor. There was no cattiness – we were all just out to have fun.”

Despite being a talented dancer, however, she was eliminated in the second round.

It seems Naz’s latest confession has resonated with many of her followers who have been quick to applaud her honesty. In response to the overwhelmingly positive comments, Naz says she believes it’s important to posts about mental health on social media to remind people who are going through something similar that they’re not alone.

“I am strong but even the strong crumble at times,” she said. “Time will heal and we will come out on top! I always have.”

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