Can alternative therapy help you heal?

Alternative therapies – weird, wacky, or worth a look? Bonnie Bayley explores the newest treatments and discovers what they claim to do.

From acupuncture, aromatherapy and crystal healing to reiki, kinesiology and reflexology, many popular natural therapies have been around for years. However, there’s a new wave of emerging therapies that you may not have heard of, including hypno healing, forensic healing and biofield tuning.

If you want to complement the traditional medical route with alternative therapies, these could be worth investigating.

Biofield tuning

● What it is: Biofield tuning is said to rebalance the energy field (biofield) surrounding our bodies by using sound waves created by tuning forks. “Our energy field holds a record of pain, stress and trauma from gestation onwards,” explains biofield tuning teacher Toni Cross.

“Tuning forks are used to locate and correct any disturbances in the biofield, which are usually linked to an emotional or physical trauma that the person has experienced in their life.”

● The experience: You’ll relax on a massage table while the practitioner ‘combs’ a tuning fork through your energy field, starting six feet away from you.

“We might reach a place where the tuning fork starts to vibrate like mad, and we’ll keep striking it until the sound becomes coherent, which rebalances the energy,” says Cross.

Practitioners say they can link imbalances in your biofield to the age you were at the time, and clear old emotional wounds.

● It’s used for: Anxiety, depression and patterns like addiction that repeat in families across generations.

Hypno healing

● What it is: Hypno healing includes regular hypnotherapy, along with some energetic healing. Depending on the practitioner, the energetic healing part of a session may involve methods such as reiki, chakra balancing or sound healing. “Hypnosis works on your unconscious mind, which is like a computer where you store all your experiences, and helps change your thought patterns,” explains hypno healer Simonne Lee.

“Energetic healing supports your body as your mind goes through those rewiring processes.”

● The experience: A typical session starts with a chat about what’s going on in your life.

“You’ll tell me how you would like your life to be, and I will take note of your exact phrases, that I then use to place suggestions in your mind during hypnosis,” says Lee. “I guide you into a hypnotic trance, then I’ll do an energetic healing, followed by more hypnosis suggestions.”

● It’s used for: Emotional distress, anxiety and trauma, as well as physical injuries.

● Want to give it a go? Search the New Zealand Society of Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapy for a hypnotherapist who offers other healing methods, such as reiki or chakra balancing.

Forensic healing

● What it is: Forensic healing is said to help those suffering from addiction, relationship conflict, depression and anxiety, or even if you’re simply feeling stuck, by attempting to get to the crux of the problem. “We find out the core issue and where it’s coming from,” explains forensic healer Emma Romano.

● The experience: You’ll lie on a massage table, and the practitioner will ‘read’ your energy field using muscle testing or a pendulum. “We ask your energy field when something in your life happened, how, where and with whom,” says Romano.

“We also find the lesson in it, because we believe everything we go through happens for us, not to us.”

The practitioner will then select from 96 different healing modalities to help clear any negative energy.

“This could include things like timeline therapy, which changes the emotion around an event, acupressure, reiki, chakra energy activations or affirmations,” says Romano.

“It helps to rid us of blockages, and people leave feeling full of hope.”

● It’s used for: Chronic pain, depression, anxiety and finding life purpose and fulfilment.

● Want to give it a go? Find a practitioner here.

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