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Victoria Beckham says she stays healthy with ‘a few tequilas and a few red wines’

The fashion designer insists balance is the key to keeping healthy.

Victoria Beckham's beauty and fashion prowess is admired the world over, and now the mother-of-four has revealed some of her health and beauty secrets – some of which, may surprise you!
Chatting on a segment on ITV's This Morning on Tuesday, the 45-year-old revealed part of her health and beauty regime includes a generous amount of booze too.
"I try to be really really healthy," Victoria says.
"I expect a lot of myself and my body. I have four kids and work a lot, I try to be healthy, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fruit and I drink a lot of water."
Insisting, "I'm not saying I'm not fun, I am known to drink a few tequilas and a few red wines, it's that balance.
"Working out, but having fun is also super important."

The former Spice Girl, who has a beauty line Victoria Beckham Beauty, also shared her top skincare secrets saying a good moisturiser and drinking plenty of water were at the top of her list.
"Definitely take makeup off every night before bed, use a really good moisturiser that works for your skin type and stay hydrated," she says.
"I haven't always had good skin, I pay a lot of attention to my skin, not just on my skin, eating healthy as well and drinking water… basic things that make a difference!"
Adding: "Using a good moisturiser, making sure my skin is hydrated and changing it up as well, I think is important."

Meanwhile, Victoria has been very critical of anti-ageing products in the past, branding them "bulls**t".
"It's not about trying to make ourselves look different or any younger," she said.
"I'm not going to be coming out with products that say they'll get rid of wrinkles because I think that's bulls**t.
"We should celebrate who we are and be the best, most powerful version of ourselves. We should also celebrate each other and, as a woman, be strong together."
Hear, hear!

Victoria has also previously spoken about how she keeps her famously slim body strong and in shape, saying working out was also a way to have a break from her busy life.
"I get up quite early, around 6am, and do an hour in the gym before the kids get up," she previously told The Times.
"Then I give them breakfast and David or I take them to school. I'll then fit in another hour's workout before I go to the office."
Yup, that's a two-hour workout every morning!
"I'm very disciplined, I have to be. It's really the only time in the day I get to myself."