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Two health professionals reveal their top tips for eating well and feeling great

With so much conflicting nutrition advice floating around, we decided to speak to two qualified health professionals to find out what we really should be eating.
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We all know eating well is beneficial for our bodies – both mentally and physically – but if you’ve done a grocery shop as of late, you’ll know that choosing healthy foods is no longer the simple task it was ten years ago.

Deciphering which healthy foods are worth our hard-earned money and will offer maximum benefits has become increasingly complicated; the world of wellness is no longer simple and straightforward – beetroot lattes and pea milk are now health ‘superfoods’ to be enjoyed after all!

So Now To Love decided to take a step back from the superfoods, and asked accredited practising dietitian Lisa Donaldson and nutritionist Amelia Phillips (both from Voome) what they eat when they want a healthy snack or nourishing meal.

What’s the one thing you wish people would eat more of?

Lisa: Vegetables! All the colours of the rainbow. If we can add vegetables to every meal or snack, what a healthy world we would have!

Spinach and tomato with our eggs at breakfast, a leafy salad at lunch, veggie sticks with hummus to snack on and a massive vegetable packed stir-fry at dinnertime!

It doesn’t need to be tricky and if you buy seasonally it will be good for the wallet too.

What foods do you reach for when you want a healthy snack?

Lisa: I opt for snacks that have a veggie base or include some healthy fats or protein.

A hard boiled egg, some veggie sticks with hummus, avocado on a corn thin, popped corn, apple wedges with some nut butter spread or some berries with some natural yoghurt.

What are some quick and easy hacks to add a bit of healthiness to our day?

Amelia: Sip rooibos iced tea. I’m a huge herbal tea fan. It’s packed with antioxidants, helps hydrate us, and prevents mindless snacking.

Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine-free yet tastes similar to black tea.

While it’s delicious hot (with or without milk) in summer, I have it in my water bottle as an iced tea.

Some days I add sliced lemon, other days I sprinkle xylitol (natural sugar-free sweetener) and add fresh or frozen raspberries.

What are some healthy, summery meals we can make?

Amelia: I like to mix things up a bit, so right now I’m enjoying creative ways to get my veggies intake up.

At the moment I’m loving anything with a zesty Asian flavour, like these Asian chicken patties with warm noodle salad.

I’ve also been making Chicken and Lettuce ‘tacos’ which my whole family love.

Amelia Phillips is a registered nutritionist, exercise scientist, co founder of Voome (everything you need to live a healthy fit and mindful life). She is a busy Mum of four under the age of five and on a mission to empower Australians and Kiwis to live their best life! Lisa is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who also has a background in education and fitness. She is a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia and is the Lead Dietitian for Voome.

You can check out their Voome programs online.

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