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5 simple nutrition hacks that improve your wellbeing

Cheap, easy and fantastic for your body.

It’s easier said than done to make healthier food choices – especially if you’ve got a soft spot for snacking.

One day you’re proclaiming that you’re cutting out ALL junk food and a few hours later a block of cheese and crackers find their way into your hands.

“I’ll start eating healthier on Monday,” you say. Well, rather than promising yourself to make drastic changes in your diet, why not start eating healthier by breaking the end goal down into smaller, more manageable tasks?

Remember: any progress is good progress. Gradually incorporating healthy habits into your diet may be a strategy that works for you – rather than quitting eating treat foods cold turkey.

So if you’re struggling to change your eating habits, try following our easy tips below so you’re on the right path – you can always work on reducing your choccie intake later!

5 Nutrition Tips

According to Amelia Phillips, nutritionist, trainer and co-founder of Voome, there are some quick and easy healthy eating habits we can pick up – and your body will thank you for it.

• Swap simple carbs (white rice, pasta, white bread) for whole grain or wholemeal.

• Put at least one vegetable into every meal (spinach at breakfast, carrot stick snacks, etc).

• Watch your portion sizes. As a society we eat way too much. An easy way to do this is follow a portion controlled recipe. Around 300-500 calories for a main meal is the aim.

• Cook more from home: Restaurant food is notorious for excess salt, sugar, fat (and other nasty hidden ingredients).

• Any fruit and veggies are great, but dark coloured ones are packed with powerful antioxidants (berries, spinach, plums, beetroot etc).

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