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3 tasty and healthy superfoods that will take your diet to the next level

Dietitian Lisa Donaldson reveals all you need to know about turmeric, matcha and acai bowls.

If you’re already smashing your daily recommended dose of veggies and you’ve been known to eat more than your fair share of fruit, at this point you may be wondering how else you can add healthy touches to your eating plan.

Fruit and veggies are the cornerstone of a healthy diet, but incorporating some of the latest superfoods into your routine may add an exciting boost to your eating plan.

Turmeric, smoothie bowls and matcha are definitely wellness trends at the moment, but the buzz around the superfoods isn’t unfounded – each has their own health benefits to offer.

Dietitian Lisa Donaldson from Voome reveals everything we need to know about the healthy ‘superfoods’.

1.) Smoothie and acai bowls

Lisa: Acai bowls sure do look impressive! The bright colour of an acai bowl is attributed to the anthocyanins (a powerful antioxidant) that exists in purple and blue fruits and vegetables.

So, without too much fuss (and at a reduced cost) you could create something nutritionally similar using some frozen blueberries! Adding some natural yoghurt to any sort of smoothie bowl will add some beneficial protein that will keep you fuller for longer.

If the acai bowl is being used as a meal (i.e. breakfast), think about adding in both protein and healthy fat like nuts, seeds, avocado and yoghurt.

These additions will help keep you satisfied for longer than a bowl that contains no protein or healthy fat.

2.) Turmeric

Lisa: Turmeric is a flavoursome spice that has had a lot of media attention recently. It certainly has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties due to the polyphenol curcumin.

Claims of turmeric curing disease, cancer and reducing hair loss do not have the support of conclusive scientific evidence, and drinking turmeric lattes are not going to give you super human powers! Its antioxidant properties however, are beneficial so it’s a great ingredient to use in cooking.

Tumeric is a delicious flavour to use when roasting root vegetables (turmeric paired with cinnamon on roasted pumpkin is particularly delicious) and a pinch in a green smoothie with pineapple can give it an interesting punch!

There’s no harm in adding turmeric to a latte, but if you are using a shop bought, powdered/processed variety, read the ingredient list. Does it read like homemade, or like it belongs in a candy store or a scientific text book? Again, for the antioxidants it’s great, but keep in mind a dark chocolate powder, coffee and tea also have high levels of antioxidants, too. Drink what you enjoy!

The key with coffee is to watch your overall intake and to minimise your intake after midday. A lack of sleep caused by a high intake of caffeine can lead to sugar cravings the following day.

So enjoy a cuppa or two in the mornings, but opt for water or herbal teas like peppermint tea after midday.

3.) Matcha

Lisa: Matcha is a powdered green tea and is often added to foods and drinks a bit like you would use a spice.

As mentioned earlier, tea has fabulous antioxidant properties and that’s where the magic lies. Antioxidants help protect cells from free radical damage, keeping cells ‘young’.

Lisa is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who also has a background in education and fitness. She is a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia and is the Lead Dietitian for Voome. Check out Voome’s Low FODMAP Program led by Lisa.

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