10 thoughts we all have when on a diet

Switching from a high sugar and high fat diet is never easy, here are the thoughts we all have when transitioning to healthy food.

By Bronte Chaperon
When you've been living off of meat pies and mi goreng for a while - or even if you've simply been indulging a little too much on treats lately - it's never easy to jump back into healthy eating.
Your body yearns for sugar, it misses your nightly wine and don't even get us started on how bad pizza cravings can be. But it's the low moments of cravings and feelings of 'hanger' - yes, it's a real thing - that we can all relate to.
Who hasn't begun eating healthy after a period of eating junk and felt food withdrawals?
We've compiled a list of the 10 most common thoughts we have when we start a healthy eating plan...