Dermatologists weigh in on whether you should shower morning or night

Now we know, we may or may not have been living a lie our entire lives...

There are two people in this world: those who shower in the morning, and those who shower at night.
Regardless of time, this is us almost every showertime...
And while this often makes for divisive dinnertime talk (if you're so inclined to talk about getting naked at the dinner table…), there has never been a finite answer as to which is right to do, and which is wrong.
Well, that is until now…
According to a health report published by the Daily Mail, dermatologists now claim that while both times have their pros and cons, a shower at night is believed to outweigh an AM rinse.
Why? Because, at night time, a shower washes off oils, sweat and allergens your skin has picked up during the day, giving you fresher skin and a better night's sleep.
Essentially, what a nighttime shower does that a morning one doesn't is wash off the dead skin cells accumulated over the day, which will ultimately leave you with more radiant skin in the morning.
And for all those playing/showering a helluva lot at home: what about showering TWICE a day? New York-based dermatologist Dr Derek V Chan told The Mail Online has shut your showering down, advising to get under the water only once a day.
"Hot showers may feel good, but in general, warm showers are better than hot showers," he says.
"Using very hot water can reduce moisture in the skin and strip away many of the skin's natural lubricants."