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How often should you shower?

According to science, it's not as often as you might think.

For most of us, having a hot shower is a part of our daily routine.

However, a new study claims that it might not be as important as you think.

Researchers at Colombia University have revealed that washing too frequently can dry out and crack your skin which allows bacteria and other microbes into your body.

On top of that, you’re also washing off the natural oils your skin produces.

“People think they’re showering for hygiene or to be cleaner, but bacteriologically, that’s not the case,” Dr. Elaine Larson, an infectious disease expert at Columbia University School of Nursing told Time.

Dr. C. Brandon Mitchell, assistant professor of dermatology at George Washington University, also agrees that most people over-bathe.

So what’s the ideal shower frequency?

In terms of your health – and not how you look or smell – probably once or twice a week.

“Your body is naturally a well-oiled machine,” he said.

“A daily shower isn’t necessary.”

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