'I used to cry but now I sweat': Adele shows off her incredible weight loss

Adele stuns fans with new image that indicates further weight loss.

Adele has summed up her incredible weight loss with a great Instagram caption that would impress the cleverest of headline writers: 'I used to cry but now I sweat'.
The caption accompanies an image of the star looking slimmer than we've ever seen her in an off the shoulder black dress, kicking up her heels at Drake's birthday party at Goya studios in Hollywood.
The Grammy award-winning singer is no doubt referring in her post to her new love of Reformer Pilates, which she has previously credited for her weight loss transformation.

As someone who has admitted before that she disliked exercise, and would rather have lunch with a friend than go to the gym, Adele is now said to love working out.
We first got a glimpse of her weight loss at her 30th birthday party in May 2018, when the star shared images on Instagram from her Titanic-themed 30th birthday bash.
Dressing like Kate Winslet's character, Rose, Adele showed off her slim figure, and her followers could not get enough of the "Someone Like You" singer. "You look amazing," one user wrote. "Beautiful!" commented another.
In June fans again noticed a significant amount of weight loss when Adele attended a Spice Girls concert and the official spice girls account posted a photo to Instagram.
Adele took up Reformer Pilates, after her divorce from Simon Konecki.
According to The Sun, Adele gave it a try with famous pal Ayda Field, the wife of Robbie Williams and loved it so much she continued with it.

After her marriage split a source told the The Sun that Adele was enjoying a "new lease of life".
"Adele has been out enjoying herself and she sees that as her priority at the moment, along with being a mum to Angelo," the source reveals to the publication.
"She has been loving her new workout regime and it really works for her. It's a bonus that she has shifted some weight."
Reformer Pilates is much loved by athletes and celebrities alike, including Miranda Kerr and Kate Hudson, who swear by it for strength, toning and body awareness.
A step up from your regular Pilates, Reformer Pilates involves a reformer machine, which adds resistance to the normal Pilates movements, and it looks like Adele is now a Reformer Pilates convert.
Adele at the 59th Grammy Awards in 2017
Adele has previously told Rolling Stone that she'd much rather have lunch with her friends than go to the gym.
She revealed that her weight had never been an issue for her and that she had always been confident in her own skin, but did decide to pay more attention to looking after her health following the birth of her son Angelo in 2012, which included giving smoking and her 10 cups of tea with sugar a day.
She also reportedly took up the Sirtfood Diet, an eating regime which focuses on what foods you should eat, rather than ones you shouldn't.
Some Sirtfood approved foods include green tea, kale, tofu and healthy servings of dark chocolate and red wine.