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This is why it’s okay to skip a cardio workout for sex

Can't be bothered going for a run? Have sex instead, you'll still reap some health benefits - including weight loss!

Ever planned to do a morning workout but had sex instead because ‘it’s still exercise’ but secretly you just didn’t want to leave your bed?

Well, that’s not a completely bad idea.

A study has found having sex can (at times) be compared to a moderate intensity workout.

It was reported that the average sex session results in women burning 76.2 calories and 100 calories for men, with an average of 3.6 calories lost per minute.

The same study also reported that sex does burn calories and energy, but unfortunately sex burns less than half of the calories jogging burns.

Not surprisingly, it was nearly unanimous which physical activity was preferred: 98 per cent of subjects said that sex was more fun than jogging in place.

So while sex is more fun, it doesn’t quite offer the same health benefits of jogging (damn).

But if you can’t complete a cardio workout take solace in the fact sex can certainly offer you a few health benefits.

From pain relief to improved sleep, it seems sex has no bounds when it comes to benefits.

But a big perk of sex – especially as we get closer to winter – is that it helps improve our immunity.

Researchers can test how strong our immune systems are based on whether we have high levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in our saliva, and it’s been suggested that those who have sex once or twice a week – no more and no less! – had a 30 per cent increase in IgA.

If one to two sex sessions per week doesn’t sound manageable, you can apparently raise your levels of IgA by patting dogs too (is there anything that can’t be fixed by patting dogs? Petting animals also helps relieve stress).

Sex is also a natural stress-reliever – at least according to Biological Society.

Turns out intercourse is associated with better physiological and psychological function, including a better stress response.

It’s been theorised that the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin is responsible for sex’s calming effect.

As if you needed another reason to bump uglies, sex can also lower blood pressure, improve your heart health, strengthen muscles, potentially reduce the risk of prostate cancer, improve your relationship, give you glowing skin, increase your life span and boost self-esteem.

So if you feel guilty because you missed your morning run while having sex, don’t.

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