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Why you should never carry your phone in your pocket

After reading this, you’ll never do it again.

We’re currently living in a world where we’re glued to our smartphones.

But, there are many reasons why you should distance yourself from your screen.

Dr Devra Davis, an American scientist, has been studying the effects of mobile phone radiation for years.

She found that phone radiation has been used in the medical field to treat liver cancer, detect cancer and enhance the absorption of drugs in the brain.

Furthermore, she found that if you store your phone in your pocket, it could weaken your pelvic area and reduce bone density.

Store it in your bra? Dr Davis explained a case where a young woman developed breast tumours exactly the same shape as her phone that she’d been tucking into her bra.

If that’s not scary enough, researchers have also found mobile phone use could also contribute to the development of depression, diabetes and heart irregularities, reports.

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