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Why some people have this tiny mark above their ear

If you have this tiny mark above your ears – listen up.
Preauricular Sinus

Preauricular Sinus

A small percentage of people are born with tiny holes above their ears. In technical terms, this is called a preauricular sinus.

The rarity of this sinus depends on where you live, but in some parts of Africa and Asia, around 4-10% of people are thought to have them.

And now scientists have revealed that any nodules, dents or dimples around the external ear – where the face and cartilage meet – could be an remnant of our evolutionary past.

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Evolutionary Biologist, Neil Shubin, thinks the holes could be the remnants of fish gills.

And while they are nothing to worry about – these little quirks could be an interesting insight into our past, before we were human.

Read about other remnants from our ancestors in our How evolved are you article.

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