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Viral dance instructor The Fitness Marshall takes New Zealand by storm

Here's why YouTube sensation The Fitness Marshall has garnered a cult following with his empowering and sassy workout methods.
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The Fitness Marshall, aka Caleb Marshall is the latest health and wellness guru, taking his empowering dance routines around the world.

He’s on a mission to change the face of fitness with his methods more fabulous and uplifting than your average workout.

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The Indiana born choreographer has gained global attention for his hilarious and energetic dance routines for the hottest songs on the chart.

To celebrate Cotton On Body’s 10th birthday, The Fitness Marshall brought his cardio dance party world tour to Auckland, New Zealand – where we sat down with him for a chat about what inspires him and his fabulous approach to fitness.

Now To Love’s Health Editor Sinead at The Fitness Marshall’s Auckland dance party

What would you say to encourage people who think they’re too uncoordinated or not confident enough to do a Fitness Marshall routine?

Dance is what makes me feel confident.

Moving your body to music is such a freeing experience, there’s really nothing like it.

It’s so emotional, it’s physical, and it’s using your brain and body at the same time. It makes you feel like a superhero.

My advice to people would be to just relax and let your body move and feel the music.

Its unlocking what’s already inside of someone and helping them find a way to let every inhibition go, and become their most powerful and confident self.

My audience is women and they’re the ones who want that encouragement and want to feel welcomed, free, loved and attractive.

I love that Cotton On Body caters for women and wants to give them all confidence, make them feel good and support them. I love the way Cotton On Body empowers women, we have that in common.

What’s your favourite routine to do, and what’s your favourite routine to teach?

That’s a tough one. I love them all! Probably Sorry, Justin Bieber or Britney Spears’ Slumber Party – it’s just so much fun!

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Your videos are very high energy – how do you have so much energy, and what do you do when you’re feeling a bit blah?

I think my energy comes from being so genuinely happy and in the moment.

It was so bizarre but once I started dancing when I was younger I tapped into my most authentic self and this crazy energy was released.

So now whenever I dance it’s like I transform into this superhero. I think everyone can tap into that energy if they are doing what they love and are being themselves 100%.

It’s all about chasing your passion and living in your truth. When I feel down, I dance.

How did “The Fitness Marshall” come about?

This goes back to me being 8 years old and obsessed with Britney Spears.

Since I was a child, I thought my calling was to somehow be Britney Spears. I then went to College and studied to be a music video editor and started teaching these dance fitness workouts and realized my calling was to be the Richard Simmons version of Britney Spears.

By my senior year, I realized I didn’t want to edit people’s videos anymore; I really just wanted to pursue this fitness popstar dream.

So I started producing my own content for YouTube during my senior year and by the time I graduated, I had reached 100,000 subscribers – so it was at that moment I knew that this is what I was supposed to do with my life.

Why do you prefer dancing to regular working out at a gym?

Dance chose me – It’s in my blood. When I hear music, my body feels it.

I like to lift weights at the gym a few times a week but I do not have the attention span to do traditional cardio I just can’t.

Five minutes on a treadmill and I have to tap out.

How does dancing impact other areas of your life?

It keep me sane. I need that release. I’m constantly caught up in my head and always worried about the little things and dancing helps me pause and just live in the moment.

How does your grandma inspire you?

My Grandma was the first person to introduce me to dance fitness. I would come over to her house and do LaToya Jackson’s step workout VHS and have the time of my life with her.

Her and my Grandpa have always been the most active people I’ve known. They go camping, hiking, play sports, jet ski, you name it.

They prove that age is just a number if you treat your body right.

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What fitness gear makes for the ideal dancer’s outfit?

Tank tops. Sweats. Trackpants. Sneakers. I love being comfortable when I move and being in clothes that don’t restrict me.

Before I buy any camp joggers and get in the most crazy position possible and make sure the fabric can handle it. I don’t want anything limiting my movement.

If you could perform with one pop star, who would it be?

That’s Britney. She has captivated me since I was a kid. She’s inspired me to be a better performer and to be myself.

Also, seeing everything she went through and seeing her now, it really shows me that this world can eat you alive and it’s a very scary business to be in.

Lady Gaga as well, Rihanna and Miley – I just love my pop divas.

Who is the best dancer alive today?

Tinashe is the best dancing Pop Star alive today hands down. She embodies what made me love Britney so much.

She is a performer and kills complex choreo effortlessly.

One of her choreographers , Jojo Gomez is one of my favourite dancers. She’s incredible on the dance floor and as a human being.

Which music video has the best choreography in your opinion?

I have to say Slave 4 U because it’s just iconic, but also Overprotected Darkchild Remix and Boys are right up there, all Britney songs obviously.

Although the music videos never do the live versions justice. AH! I could go on and on.

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