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The workout you should be doing according to your zodiac sign

Your horoscope is the key to a perfect exercise regime, so find your fit and sweat by the stars!
Margot Robbie

Cancerians like Margot Robbie will enjoy water-based sports.

Did you abandon your fitness plan for 2017 before you even broke in your new trainers? Don’t beat yourself up – perhaps the regime you had in mind just wasn’t compatible with your star sign!

Experts say that when it comes to getting fit, success depends on how motivated you are. So it could pay to tailor your training to the personality traits of your horoscope – whether that’s a fun group class or a solo jog.

Hollywood personal trainer David Kingsbury has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, and he agrees that finding an activity you can stick to will ensure you get – and stay – in shape. “I will always include elements of what clients enjoy to help them stay motivated,” he explains. “When I trained Michael, we included boxing, while with Chris Hemsworth, we did a lot of [martial art] Muay Thai, as in both cases those are sports they enjoy.”

And looking at their star signs, it’s no surprise. Michael is a competitive Aries, a sign that’s known to love dynamic sports, while Chris is an exhibitionist Leo, so it makes sense he’d enjoy the flashy combat style.

Tune into your own inner astrological motivation to harness that fit mindset!

If you’re a … water sign

Water signs are creative and imaginative, and you’ll get the best results when you can focus on a goal. You also need your workout to feel good, so anything that taps into your wellbeing, such as yoga and Pilates, or allows you to pick up a new skill, like a dance class, will keep you coming back for more. Unsurprisingly, water-based workouts will also appeal.

Piscean Eva Longoria loves trying out new activities.


SUP Yoga combines yoga and water – on a paddleboard! Perfect for honing those natural coordination skills.


Your sensitive side will respond well to anything with a steady rhythmic flow. Try a vinyasa yoga class or download a yoga app such as Daily Burn, which is available from iTunes.


You’re known for over-stretching yourself, which could lead to burnout. Set steady goals with a weights class, such as Body Pump, at your local gym.

If you’re a… fire sign

A super-fit Leo, Jennifer Lopez gets her workout on the dance floor.

Passionate, creative and just a little bit impatient, you fire signs are driven by activities where you can really push yourself and show off results. One-to-one combat sports such as martial arts, tennis or squash appeal to your competitive side, while group aerobic classes, where you can measure your progress against the crowd, will satisfy your outgoing nature.


You’re fiendishly competitive, so a combat workout like boxing will allow you to go up against your greatest opponent – yourself!


You respond really well to music. Head to a high-energy Zumba session – and don’t forget those glow sticks!


No pressure, but you’re known as the sportiest star sign. A hardcore boot camp will whip you into shape in no time.

If you’re an… earth sign

As well as gym sessions, Taurean Jessica Alba mixes it up with spin and hot yoga classes.

Earth signs aren’t big risk takers, so extreme sports might not be for you. Instead, try some outdoor activities that will help you feel in tune with nature, like jogging through the bush, cycling or horse riding. Despite your earthy credentials, you can be materialistic – so if your motivation dips, some flash new sportswear should boost your willpower!


You respond to sensory experiences and to tune into this, take your workout into the open air and try hot yoga.


A natural problem solver, you can combine your brains with your brawn on an obstacle course such as Tough Mudder.


You’re disciplined but self-critical, so sign up for a half-marathon where you can see results fast and build your stamina.

If you’re an… air sign

For years, Libran Gwyneth Paltrow has worked with star trainer Tracy Anderson, mixing cardio, strength and dancing.

Air signs are generally smart and chatty, so solo workouts could leave you feeling demotivated. Stick to team or class-based activities where you can work your glutes and catch up on the gossip at the same time or listen to a podcast while you run. You’re easily distracted and like to try out the latest fads. A gym with a varied class timetable will allow you to switch things up if you’re getting bored.


You’re as sociable as they come and joining a netball or football team will meet your squad goals.


Versatile and flexible, you tend to like things that are a bit different. You’re full of beans, so try a fast-paced group workout. A Zumba class will get you going!


Your strengths are balance, grace and coordination, so a ballet barre class will suit you down to your polished toes.

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