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3 exercises Meghan Markle does to stay fit and toned

The Duchess of Sussex is very fond of these three workouts.
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Meghan Markle might be the most impressive (and most watched!) woman out there right now. Not only is she handling her new royal life with grace and charm, she’s also (well, most likely) maintaining her very thorough health and fitness routine – you can tell by the impressive definition of her upper arms.

If you’ve ever wondered what Meghan Markle does to stay in shape, you’re not alone. A quick Google search of ‘Meghan Markle’s fitness routine’ returns more than seven million stories… safe to say we’ve all been noticing Meghan’s toned arms – not just this writer.

So what does the Duchess of Sussex do to stay fit? A little resistance training perhaps? A bit of F45? We’ve put together a video detailing Meghan’s three favourite workouts, based on what she’s said in pre-royal interviews.

And just in case you were wondering what kind of foods Meghan eats to complement her workouts, we’ve included a short video below outlining her day on a plate.

Goodness, wouldn’t we be a healthy bunch if we all ate and exercised like Meghan!

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