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The best anti-ageing supplement you’ve never heard of

If you're looking to slow the visible signs of ageing but aren't keen to spend a fortune on skincare products, this revolutionary new supplement may be just what you need.

Everyone can recall the time they found their very first grey hair. Mine? I was 23 – just. I remember straightening my hair in the bathroom, and seeing a rather light strand sticking up vertically away from the rest of my hair (the fact this hair wasn’t playing nice should’ve been my first clue). At first I thought it was a trick of the light – surely it was just a shiny hair? But no, after consulting with my partner there was no denying it: I was going grey at 23-years-old. Fun!

My first wrinkles were a little more sneaky. They’d peep through on my skin and chest first thing in the morning and then would slowly retreat by mid morning. Nowadays, the lines around my eyes are a wee bit more prominent, and joining my wrinkles are their friends pigmentation and dryness. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting older (and not being asked for ID at the bottle shop anymore), but I must admit every now and then I wish I could slow down time for a bit and just enjoy where I am right now.

As most women do, at the first signs of ageing I trod over to my local chemist and scoured the skincare aisles for anything promising less wrinkles and firm skin. I also stocked up on sunscreen (want to slow the signs of ageing? Sunscreen is a must). That was a few years ago now, and while the skincare industry is making advances with their formulations, it’s nothing compared to my new anti-ageing go-to.

Wanting to focus less on my appearance and more on enjoying life, I recently asked a beauty know-it-all about what I could do to help my skin. I was expecting her to detail a really long and complicated skincare routine but her reply surprised me – and delighted my inner lazy self.

She recommended scientifically-backed dietary supplements that target the cells. Yep, no fancy potions or scary treatments (vampire facial, anyone?), just twice-a-day dietary supplements.

“I fight ageing at a cellular level,” she said quite smugly. “It’s a bit confusing, but basically I’ve been taking these new supplements that slow down my ageing. They give energy to my cells, so instead of my skin getting older and feeling more tired as I age, I just don’t.” I was immediately intrigued. But as my friend cautioned, I was confused how the supplements worked, so I did my homework on the new product.

The world-first supplements are called Tru Niagen, and are terrific for anti-ageing, among other things – trust me, after looking into it, you realise there’s not much this supplement can’t do.

Let me explain, without getting too science-y.

Molecules called ‘NAD’ (believe me, you don’t want to know the scientific name) are found in every cell in our bodies, and NAD are necessary for energy production, DNA repair and a host of other critical functions.

By the time we get to our 20s our levels of NAD start to decline, and by the time we reach our late 40s, NAD levels have dropped up to 50 per cent, and we notice this visibly on our skin.

As we progress into our 50s we reach a point where our NAD levels have declined to the point where cellular function starts to diminish, opening us up to a raft of age-related conditions and diseases.

Enter: Tru Niagen. The supplement is a form of vitamin B3 and actually restores NAD levels, each and every time you take it. Which is pretty impressive; never before has science been able to slow the decline of NAD and restore energy and resilience to our cells at a fundamental level.

Dr Charles Brenner, Chief Scientific Advisor for Tru Niagen, explains that taking the daily supplement (and adopting a healthy lifestyle) can do wonders for the body.

“Tru Niagen boosts the health of your cells (which make up your entire body), by boosting a critical co-enzyme called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) which cells need to function properly. Our cells depend on NAD for everything from thinking and breathing to growing and repairing skin, hair and muscle,” says Brenner.

“Increased NAD can support cellular energy and repair, muscle function, and with further study, potentially even heart, nerve and liver health.”

So technically speaking, I guess you could say my friend is slowing down the signs of ageing from the inside out. Witchcraft, I know.

What are the benefits of Tru Niagen?

Turns out when you regularly take Tru Niagen you open yourself up to a whole range of benefits. You may notice a few aesthetic improvements and also feel different – the benefits of Tru Niagen aren’t limited to firming up your skin! Although that is a bonus…

Look for:

  • Improved skin tone and texture, including reduced pigmentation and fine lines, firmer skin where skin had previously lost its elasticity, a smoother texture and less dry patches (on places such as elbows, knees, heels and hands).

  • Stronger hair and nails. You may also notice an improvement in lustre and colour.

  • Improvements in mental clarity and memory.

  • NAD is imperative for our sleep cycles, so you may notice improved sleep patterns.

  • Better eye health

  • Increased energy levels

  • Healthy ageing

Who would benefit from Tru Niagen?

While all of us would probably say we’d benefit from a few less wrinkles, Tru Niagen would be especially beneficial for those who:

  • Generally struggle with their health

  • Suffer from brain fog or memory loss

  • Have cardiovascular issues

  • Suffer from muscle fatigue or weakness

  • Experience problems with sleep

  • Are experiencing general age-related decline

However, Dr Brenner says we could all benefit from Tru Niagen. “All adults can benefit from Tru Niagen — we know NAD is the central regulator of metabolism and that it declines with age and when we experience metabolic stress (e.g. drinking too much, staying out in the sun, traveling between time zones).”

After my friend’s recommendation and my own research, I began taking the supplements. I’ve been taking them for two months now and have already noticed some differences. I sleep better. My nails are strong as anything and I feel energetic all day – no 3pm slump for me!

I’m grateful my friend recommended this product to me, not just for my skin’s benefit – my overall health seems to have improved. I feel like I’ve been on a three-week detox permanently. To those looking for an oh-so-easy way to age positively or are just looking to improve their health, I can’t recommend Tru Niagen enough!

To find out more, check out Tru Niagen online.

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