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Anti-ageing skincare tips

Embrace the skin you’re in by giving it the TLC it deserves.

By Nicky Pellegrino
We Kiwi women hate our skin! A whopping 83% of us are unhappy with its appearance and almost 25% name it as the thing they would most like to change about themselves, according to a survey by Nielsen CMI.
The good news is skincare is rising to the challenge. It’s the active ingredients that make the difference, but in most over-the-counter products there tend to be only small amounts of these and you have to go to a dermatologist or facialist for a more potent version.
Now, beauty companies are starting to boost their products with more active ingredients than ever before.


L’Oréal Paris claims that using its new Revitalift Laser X3 range for two months will give almost equivalent results to a session from a dermatologist, with increased collagen and the reduced appearance of wrinkles.
The active ingredient, Pro-Xylane, has been upped to three percent. Made from a sugar found in beech trees, it stimulates ageing skin cells. This is the number-one skincare range in France, where it was launched in July. The range includes a Day Cream $44.95, Eye Cream $44.95 and Serum $49.95.


Lots of skin products contain antioxidants to protect from free radical damage. The makers of new range Radical Skincare say the problem is only one or a few antioxidants are used and that’s not enough to neutralise all the different types of free radicals. That’s why they launched their maximum-potency, multiple-antioxidant range. It includes extracts of grapeseed, coffee and green tea, and the star of the range is the Peptide-Infused Antioxidant Serum $286, which contains more than 82% actives.


Retinol is a pure form of vitamin A and one of the most effective treatments for visible signs of ageing. It builds the skin’s thickness, triggering collagen production. But in some forms retinol can have side effects, so stronger treatments are prescription only. Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum $39.99 now has its highest ever concentration of retinol SA, along with a glucose complex to boost its powers. The formula is non-irritating, so shouldn’t cause a reaction, but if in doubt patch test it on your arm for a few days before applying to the face.
  • From your mid-twenties onwards, actively seek skincare with anti-ageing ingredients. Dermatologists say this is when they begin to see women for cosmetic procedures.
  • Avoid potent skin treatments if you’re in the 60-plus age group because your skin is thinner and more fragile, so there’s the increased chance of a reaction.
  • Older skin needs gentle nourishment to keep it supple and conditioned. The Nellie Tier range, created by two Kiwi women in their sixties, is ideal. Try the Face Cream $38, a blend of oils, vitamins and vegetable extracts, or La’Bonic’s Pure Rose Repair Cream $55, based on organic rose oil. My mature-skinned tester loved it.
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